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Exchange of banners cat breeders on breeder-cats.com

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Only sites that link will be visible in the banner exchange (the others will not be visible ) .

Your visible banner on hundreds of sites breeders breed cats.
It's FREE radio 1/1 a banner displayed on your site,
your banner will be visible on the site of a member of banner exchange.

There 106 members who participate in this exchange.

General Principle : An exchange of banners, This is a 468x60 banner that will display random , the banners of other sites listed . & nbsp; Feel free to read FAQ to know more.

Ratio : The ratio is 1/1, ie your banner will be displayed on the websites of members as many times as their banners will be posted on your . If you have, for example, generated 12 views , your banner will be displayed 12 times ... and so on. The display of banners is random (1 banner at different each opening of the page the script will ), you therefore afficherez never the same banner. The more members, the banners will be more diverse and varied.

Once the script put up in your site, you must write to webmaster (giving it the name of your site, address and where you placed the script ) and ask him to finalize your registration for banner exchange.

N.B : The webmaster reserves the right to accept or refuse sites.

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